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Recruiting for talent on the Autism Spectrum

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Best Practices for Sourcing Neurodivergent Talent

Welcome to our May blog post. As a reminder, this quarter we are focusing on…

Are You an Employer of Choice for the Neurodiverse Community?

As we celebrate Autism Acceptance month, I am moving the focus of this blog series…
March blog post art provided by Alex Masket.

Debunking the Myth of the Autistic Savant

March blog post art provided by Alex Masket.   Welcome to Integrate’s March blog…

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‘They Get Fired All the Time. And They Have No Idea Why.’

Pop culture lionizes the dazzling brilliance of money managers on the autism spectrum. Reality rarely…

Autism at Work: Hiring and Training Employees on the Spectrum

With the right supports in place, hiring employees with autism can provide real benefits by…

Staffers Spectrum Propel Startups Profitability

More firms recognizing the skills of autistic workers.

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