Applying your skills

You have valuable, and often unique, skills that add worth in ways that may be different from what most other people provide. That difference is something few others can bring to the job.

We help potential employers and co-workers understand that, so you can be welcomed into an atmosphere where those skills and approaches are recognized and appreciated. In this way, we help you find fulfilling work.

How we support you

To remain true to our mission and vision, we go further than simply matching candidates to job openings. We help you prepare for success from day one and remain a source of support.

Before the interview

  • Help you find the right opportunity with an autism-friendly employer
  • Present your credentials and skills to highlight your strengths
  • Provide interview preview, practice, and feedback
  • We also educate your potential employers and co-workers on autism in the workplace

After you’ve accepted a position

  • Available for support as needed
  • Help new employer establish mentors for you
  • Check in with you and your manager regularly
  • Provide you with additional resources

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Integrate’s Employer Connect program provided a supportive and structured setting for me to gain interview experience and networking skills. After completing the program, I stayed in touch with Integrate and they continued to support me with further guidance and potential opportunities, including one that led to my current position.

Michelle Charest, Defined Contribution Benefit AssociatePrudential

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