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Employing people on the autism spectrum requires a slightly different approach to recruiting and onboarding. However, statistics show this upfront effort—which we guide you through every step of the way—is more than offset in above-average employee retention and performance, and increased organizational efficiency and employee engagement. This is clearly a workforce that has been overlooked too long.


retention rate of neurodiverse employees


increase in productivity from autistic staff


reduction in errors

Tested, thorough and proven processes

As experienced corporate executives and autism-in-the-workplace experts, we are exceptionally qualified to match the needs of businesses to the unique skill sets of candidates on the spectrum. Bringing neurodivergent talent to your workplace is not only a smart business move, it is less daunting than you may think.


We begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of your company’s workforce needs and recruiting processes, going deeper than a mere job title or description, and into the ways your organization functions to drive inclusivity.


Taking what we’ve learned about you and your needs, we not only identify autistic candidates with the correct skill set, we consider who will be a good fit with your organizational culture.

Education and Training

We work with your staff to ensure a smooth hiring experience by leading in-depth educational sessions on best practices for communication and management of autistic co-workers. Our trainings reveal that autistic candidates simply think differently—maybe more literally, more concretely. Once others can see through the new employees’ lens, interactions are smoother and more productive.


At the same time, we are there supporting you with ongoing check-ins and ensuring a successful on-boarding experience. For those employees who want to go the extra mile, we have created mentorship programs that can be easily adopted by your organization.

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You just have to give Integrate a job description, and they will find somebody who can do the job.

Maria Adler, Director, Special ProjectsSimons Foundation
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